Our Mover

Autonomous, inclusive, and sustainable. That’s our all-new HOLON mover. It can comfortably fit fifteen. And it’s tough. Made for the demanding operating conditions of daily public transport.

We’re pretty sure it’s going to change the world. Because it’s the solution to many of today’s mobility problems. The future has just started.

Our vision

Let's get

Well... Maybe we have different dreams than other companies. But we mean it. Of course, everything we’re developing today sounds awesome and exciting. Autonomous driving. Inclusive mobility. Being pioneers.
Shaping the future.


But frankly, all we want is to become the new normal. Everybody should use our autonomous movers. Every day. Until we don’t stick out anymore because we’ve blended in.

What we think of as the exciting future today will be the standard tomorrow. That’s what we really believe in. So, let’s redefine mobility until we’re nothing special.

 from the get-go

Each one of our movers is jam-packed with high-tech tools, such as sensors, cameras, lidars, and, let’s not forget, all the algorithms. All these things together are what make safe Level 4 autonomous driving possible.

the interior of the mover with two passengers sitting

  For sure

Our autonomous movers are accessible by design. Everybody should feel welcome here. The huge doors. It’s easy to get in. The automatic ramp helps with that, too. There’s also a wheelchair restraint and braille on board. Being mobile shouldn’t be a privilege; it’s something we should all be able to enjoy. Every day.

a man entering the mover with a buggie, a woman standing next to the door

 is yesterday’s

Acting like there’s no tomorrow? That’s not an option. We absolutely believe in a better future. That’s why sustainability is second nature to us. Of course, our mover is electric. Emission-free driving is no problem. But there are more benefits like over-the-air updates, the optimized number of passengers, and the production line. Thanks to our flexible production concept, we can build different mover variants on the same line. As you can see: Sustainability is part of the lifecycle of our Movers.

the mover infront of a park

for passengers,
   not for drivers

The interior of the car with the seats folded up

Our mover is made for everyone. Thanks to the foldable seats, there's enough space for a wheelchair. A ramp provides easy access. And there's also braille on board

Two large panoramic windows in the interior of the mover and a joystick with screen for alternative control

Passengers have a lot of space in our mover. But that's not all. It also feels big. The secret? The huge panorama windows give you a great view.

view of the interior of the mover from the back top position. Entry, seating and storage space

Our autonomous mover was designed for passengers, not drivers. It comfortably fits 15: nine seated, six standing. And yeah, there's a plenty of space for luggage, too.

Self Driving
   System Architecture

The HOLON Mover is equipped with a fully integrated array of advanced lidar, radar, and camera systems. Together with smart software, Level 4 autonomous driving becomes a reality.

6 Times
Short Distance LiDAR
3 Times
Long Distance LiDAR
6 Times
Radar Sensors
11 Times
L2 Camera Systems

Mobility of

Autonomous, inclusive, and sustainable. That’s the HOLON Mover. It’s here to prove mobility can be so much more. Emission-free. Comfortable. Safe. So, yeah, the new kind of mass transportation is ready to go.

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